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"In this ever connected digital society, our true passion is to bring together new technologies and available information to create real business value. By interconnecting information and presenting it in useful format, anywhere anytime and secure, together we will enhance the competitive advantage for your business."

nimble-IT is a Belgian IT Service Provider. As your trusted partner, we provide no-nonsense, solid business solutions to CEO, CIO and Senior Management in all IT related domains. We support your internal IT department on a strategic and tactical level.

Our Compentences

IT Interim Management
Lacking a specific knowledge to bridge a gap? Caught up in day to day operations and no time to focus on that important change you need implemented? An open position that needs to be filled? A specific challenge? No worries, we support you as long as you need. Together we go for it.

Our expertise :

  • IT Governance : Steering committee, Alignment to the Business Strategy, Enterprise Roadmap
  • IT Operations : Service Delivery focused on IT Infrastructure
  • IT Change Management : Organizational or Technical Transitions, start to finish
  • IT Compliance : Data Privacy, Cyber Security, IT Audits
A Case Study : Data Protection Officer

On May 25th, 2018 EU regulation 2016/679 and 680, better known as GDPR, General Data Privacy Regulation, will become effective. While the EU states it simplifies administration as every country uses the same set of rules, this regulation has major implications on the way we store, handle and transfer personal data, both locally and internationally. Additionally, there is a mandate to report any data breach at the risk of a fine to the extent of 2% of your annual revenu.

All public authorities and those companies that perform certain risky data processing operations will need to appoint a dedicated data protection officer. But every company needs to comply, therefore nimble-IT offers this service on a part time basis as independant consultant, accessing both the privacy and security aspect of your systems and processes.

IT Project Management
Project management used to be simple. Take a few courses, get a certification and good to go ... and then the world changed. More than ever, project management is all about creating business value in a continuously changing environment. What you need is a nimble project team that focuses its efforts what you need done, not on the process to get there. With our collaborative leadership style yet adopting proven project management methodologies, we provide an end-to-end project service for infrastructure upgrades, software development, cloud computing, data management, security & data privacy related projects.

We can do :

  • Project Management : management of discrete projects aiming to create shared business value
  • Programme Management : monitor a set of interlinked projects to maximize coherence and overall value
  • Portfolio Management : manage all programs and projects to provide optimal business value
IT Cloud Solutions
Today it is all about the "cloud". But what makes sense for your business ? What about security ? What about SLAs ? We guide your through the forest of possibilities towards the solution you are looking for.

Our solutions :

  • Cloud Solutions: No-nonsense, common-sense advise towards a tailor-made solution that fits your business
  • Mobile Apps : A modern looking interface to your data in a secure enviroment, both for Android & iOS
  • Databases : Need to convert that old spreadsheet or Access database? Tired of paying huge license fees? We provide MySQL database development with a web frontend
  • Web Design : need a catchy website? Problems integrating it with your backend databases? No problem !

Our History

nimble-IT was founded in 2016 after a restructuring of a Fortune 500 company. We offer our experience in strategic change management, leading large IT teams and managing large projects to local companies to assist them in their IT challenges. No-nonsense, common sense and intelligent risk taking are not just buzzwords to us. At nimble-IT we have 30+ year of experience in different IT domains: software development, infrastructure services, governance, compliance, project management which is available to all levels of your organization.